The Headless Dog Photo Went Viral On The Internet: Netizens Can’t Believe Their Eyes

An unsettling photograph that appears to depict a canine without a head has caused a commotion among internet users.

A picture is currently making rounds on the internet and has left people wondering about its content. At first glance, it seems to show a dog missing its head, which explains the widespread anxiety and concern. The photo is such that it will have you doing multiple double-takes to make sense of what is happening in it.

However, it turns out that the situation is not as dire as initially thought, and this comes as a huge relief!

The photo was posted on Imgur, where it quickly went viral, garnering hundreds of thousands of views and upvotes.

Eventually, the confusion surrounding the image was cleared up. The photo showed a puppy who had to have one of its front legs amputated due to surgery. The picture was taken by the puppy’s owner as it turned around to lick its side, creating the illusion of it being headless. A diagram was created to help explain the situation and put the worries of online users to rest. The puppy’s owner then shared a frontal photo of the now-famous pup, showing its three legs.

This cute little pup is sure to become a social media pet influencer in no time!